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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

get back to me

From: bernard tetteh -

Dr Evans Kwame.DIPLOMATIC SERVICES LTD No.110RingRoadArrcaGhana.
RC: 619612Head of Unit mike Our Ref: 5771055 Email adress,
Your Ref:1100771 Attention:GOOD DAY My name Dr Evans Kwame i am diplomat from west Africa Accra Ghana, There are two consignment boxes in my custody and I am ready to make the delivery of the boxes to you, i had that you have spent some money on this consignment boxs but yet it has not been delivered to you. The consignment boxes is in our warehouse the person you are dealing with do not have the capacity of sending it, and they have accumulated charges for keeping it in the ware house such as the dumurrage noting was done beside there was no yellow teg on it and nothing was done in preparing the boxes for airlifted. So all i wanted to do is to help you airlift these consignment boxes to your country, if interested so that we can make arrangement on the airlifted of the consignments to you. I am patiently waiting to receive your comment and reply. Please we want you to send to us the following requirement; (1) Photocopy of your international passport.(2) Current home address or office(3) Your name in full.
Take note that the consignment contains family valuables in two metalic truck boxes. so get back to me so that i will give you the company who will do the shipping to your country immediately ok Thanks as i await your urgent response. God Bless You.
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