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Sunday, October 14, 2007


From: peter chukwu -

Hello My Dear How are you doing?I want to usethis opportunity to share this Good news to you i received a call from my boss yesterday notifying me that his bank communicated him and informed him that the draft he issued has not paid to any bank for claim and that draft will expire on 25Th of this month. So he instructed me to meet with his bank officials who he has concluded arrangement to converted the draft to cash before it expiring date. Meanwhile,I went straight to courier company to collect the draft and went directly to the bank as my boss instructed. The good news is that the bank official have converted your draft into cash with all the accrued interest for months and return back to courier company to deliver to your address. Be inform that in the cause of all these it was confirmed and discovered from bank official that the sum stated earlier was wrong, The verification shows that the correct draft contain was $1,500,000.00usd and is why it has grown so much interest. It is now registered with the company as a consignment with a new COMPANY REGISTRATION NO Ek58845 CODE NMBER 0144489Please confirm urgently the receipt of this message you are very lucky as i believe it is a devine visitation and favour in your life.However i have Paid for the delivery fee for your consignment . all the necessary arrangement of delivering the $1,500,000.00usd in cash was made with SHARLON DIPLOMATIC DELIVERY COMPANY
Below is the needed information to enable them deliver your fund to you immediately. SHARLON DIPLOMATIC DELIVERY COMPANY DIRECTORREV DR ERIC
Please make sure you contact them today with the above email address Thanks and Remain Blessed.SECRETARY Patrick Lee
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