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Friday, September 21, 2007


From: bukar frank -

Esteemed compliments,

I anticipate that you read this mail quickly and let me know your
or willingness on this classified information that I will release to

Firstly, I am a happily married man with two kids and therefore I would
not want to jeopardize this opportunity to change my financial status
will give my family a secured future. My name is bukar frank. I am
the Regional Manager of Ghana International Commercial Bank, Accra

Now, I have a good way for both of us to make money, over $9 Million
and have our financial status changed. But before I tell you, I want
you to
assure me first that you will keep this information classified between
us only.

If you agree that I should continue with releasing information to you
I believe you will equally benefit from it, then let me know in your
to my mail.

Yours Truly,
bukar frank
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