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Friday, September 21, 2007



From The Desk of:
Prof Chukwuma C Soludo,Executive Governor,
Central Bank of Nigeria.

Dear Honorable Beneficiary,

We the staffs and Management of the Central Bank of Nigeria is very sorry to
inform you that we are responsible for non- transfer of your fund and it is
because of Monetary bilateral agreement between the Central Bank of Nigeria ,
International Monetary Fund, Paris Club and World Bank but because of the
recent amendment by the International Monetary Fund, which has permitted the
immediate release of some Stopped Fund from so many countries of the World.

Very sorry for delay but bear in mind that it was stopped for world
interest in
order to enforce the law against Money Laundering and Terrorist Sponsor in the
world general, however congratulation as your name was on the list of Ten
Beneficiaries their fund has been issued with Immediate Release Order

Based on the above we have approved your fund for immediate release via
Diplomatic Delivery to your doorstep and be informed that we are working in
accordance with the instruction as received from the above mentioned

You are urgently requested to reconfirm your readiness to receive this fund by
providing the below information.

1. Your Full Address:
2. Your scan Identification Copy:
3. Your Telephone/Fax Number
4. Occupation:
5. Nearest airport:

Be informed that we have concluded arrangement for immediate delivery to you
through an accredited Diplomatic Firm soonest we receive a scan copy of your
identification which will help us for documentation proposes so that you don?t
come back and start fighting for your fund.

Thanks while shortly waiting to hear from you.

Yours in service,
Prof Chukwuma C Soludo