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Saturday, September 15, 2007


From: dattiwilliam johnson -

Dear Friend,

Good day, How are you today? I am writing to inform you that I have Paid the fee for your Cheque Draft. And I went to the bank to confirm if the Cheque has expired or getting near to expire and Mr,Ekene Anosike the Director of Africa Development Bank told me that before the cheque will get to your hand that it will expire.

So I told him to cash the $1.5M UNITED STATES DOLLARS to cash payment to avoid losting this funds.However, all the necessary arrangement of delivering the $1.5M UNITED STATES DOLLARS in cash was made with GLOBAL TRUST DIPLOMATIC COMPANY here in Cotonou Benin Republic,
Please write a letter of application to the given address below.

Dr.Samuel Uba. Tel: +229-9389 0522. E-mail:

Please, Send them your contacts information to able them locate you immediately they arrived in your country with your BOX .

This is what they need from you.
1.YOUR FULL NAME......................... 2.YOUR HOME ADDRESS................... 3.YOUR CURRENT HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER.............. 4.YOUR CURRENT OFFICE TELEPHONE............ 5.A COPY OF YOUR PICTURE.............. 6.YOUR AGE...................

Please make sure you send this needed info's to the Director general of Global Trust Diplomatic Company Dr.Samuel Uba with the address given to you.

Thanks and Remain Blessed. Mr.Datti William.

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