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Thursday, August 09, 2007


From: efosa -

8/9 Hanover Square Branch
London W1A 4ZW,United Kingdom


Following the outcome of the last meeting, the board members have approved
that all beneficiaries will be receiving their funds in their country of
origin via Diplomatic channel as a Diplomatic consignment.

This is the new arrangement made to enable all the beneficiaries who are
unable to come up with the Telegraphic Wire Transfer Requirements. The fund
will be livered to you as soon as the Diplomat arrives In your country.

Note: All beneficiaries will be responsible for the handling charges/Non-
inspection fee of $3,400.00 as the consignment will be registered as family
treasures and ornaments to avoid much interrogation from your airport
Authority. Upon the arrival of the Diplomat will this payment be made to
enable him clear the consignment and sign some vital documents that will
back you up from the Diplomatic Enclave before the implementation of the
final endorsement which is the release of the consignment, so that he can
proceed his journey to your city for the delivery. Everything will go
smoothly only if you can listen to the Diplomat's instructions in airport.

Furthermore, you are been informed that the Diplomat who will be delivering
your consignment is ignorant of the content, so on no account must you
disclose to him the content for security reasons.

Lastly, the Diplomat has a limited time to stay, so you have to make this
handling charge available before his arrival for easy clearing of your

All your personal information will be given to him for easy communications

Do get back to me to indicate your readiness to receive your fund through
this channel

Anticipating your urgent response.

George Morgan.
Director Barclays Bank Plc