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Thursday, August 23, 2007

From Helen Family

From: helen camara -

From Helen & Family
Refugee Camp -Accra Ghana
Tel: +233 20 8386095

Good day ,

I am Helen camara, a sierra Leonean 26 years of age, the daughter of late Dr. Fidelis camara former chairman of Sierra Leone national gold & Diamond Corporation.

Years back my father was assassinated by the rebels, led by major john Paul koromah on 18th of June 1997 because my family never supported the major john Paul koromah and his group that overthrew our democratically elected president, Ahmed Tejan kabba.

I like to know if you can be able to assist me and my little once for we do not have life again, we have been in the camp for the past years now I do not what to know the bad image of Africa all we need is urgent help in this matter, I need to lift this money to your country for any profitable venture like building in a commercial area. I have suggested that you tell me how much will be your percent of the total money, would be given to you for your assistance, for all me and my family need is help.

I need an urgent attention into this matter and also advise you to feel free to ask any question in respect of this, this is very necessary because since I am a refugee, it will not be advisable for me to operate such a huge amount $15 Million dollars (fifteen million dollars) and Gold with a security deposit house, I have kept this top secret up till this time, I will like you to give your mind so shall I am my family take you.

Three months ago the company met and deliberated upon that every package that has exceeded the period of 8years without it depositor coming for claims and collection be opened or disposed so as to create space to accommodate other incoming consignment from new clients/Customers. It is on this basis that I capitalized to look for help in clreaning the package,now I am contacting you believing that you could be of assistance to help us.

plaease keep it confidential ,I will like you handle the issue with utmost secrecy. For more information,contact me on number 233 20 8386095.
Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Helen camara

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