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Thursday, August 16, 2007

From Abdul

From: Abdul Wahid -

This is my second letter to you and I hope you read it his time and
kindly get back to me. I am Sergeant Abdulaziz Abdul Wahid an Iraq
soldierin unit 13 fighting with the Irish forces and American soldiers
in Baghdad.

In April 24TH this year my colleague Sergeant Hameed shedad and I
wereposted to northern part of Baghdad utside khalis for a routine
stop andsearch. Cars will be stopped and searched with the driver and
passengers to make sure they are not carrying any weapon before they
are allowed to enter Baghdad. In this process we stopped two men in a
small Toyota car who appeared to be in a hurry and decided to detain
them and make a thorough security check. Our search resulted in
finding out that they starched huge amount of United States of
American dollars in a sack bag.

Further interrogation revealed that they are part of the Kurdish
militants operating in the northern part of Iraq and they were
actually running away with the money to another settlement. We
arrested them and handed them over to Iraqi police but we did not
declare the money as evidence rather we took the money and put it in
atrunk box and deposited it with a diplomatic security company here in
Baghdad as our personal belongings.

We decided to keep the money totaling about seven million five hundred
dollars (Us$7.5m) because the Iraqi police men are corrupt and would
have taken the money without declaring it. It has happened in several

Our plea is that you accept to receive this money in your country and
keep it for us. We intend to escape to your country or any place you
shall direct us to as life in Iraq is becoming unbearable and we do
not know when this war will end. The money will be sent to you as a
diplomatic cargo and will not be tampered with until you receive it.

All we need is an address where you intend to receive the money and
your phone number. We will then arrange with the diplomatic security
company to deliver the trunk box to you.When you receive the money we
shall discuss of how muchyou will take for your effort.

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we do not know
each other before. I will give you more information as regard to this
as soon as you reply

Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.
Sergeant Abdulaziz Abdul Wahid.
My personal email: