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Saturday, August 25, 2007


From: Johnson Kwame -


My name is Mr Johnson Kwame, a political activist and
a consultant. I am a member of my party's executive
committee on Financial matters presently exiled in

My aim of contacting you is to crave your indulgence
to assist us in securing some funds abroad for safe
keeping which incidentally was kept to help us finance
the forth coming general elections in my Country.
Fortunately with my immediate assistance, and contact,
we were able to deposit the money in a bank vault in
Ghana West-Africa pending when the fund would be

The need to contact you arose from the fact that the
present government is cracking down on the opposition,
trying to trace all the funds and properties owned by
our members and party faithfuls. However If they
succeed in tracing these fund tous, they will seize it
thereby incapacitating our campaign plans.

We wish to relocate this fund in a foreigner's name to
avoid any trace.Therefore all I need from you is an
assurance that you can handle these amount valued
(US$19,500,000) confidentially.

I would want you to handle this proposal with utmost
care and understanding because our election is forth
coming and any misfortune will affect us adversely so
your maximum coperation will be most it
would be appreciated if you can maintain the
confidential nature of this letter and the whole
transaction.You should kindly respond through the
above email address or phone number.

Best regards,
Mr Johnson Kwame.

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