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Saturday, July 07, 2007


From: mrs michell david mark -

Dear friend, hope this mail meets you in condition of health.
My name is Mrs Preye Michell Devid Mark, wife of Gen. Devid Mark the Senate president of Fedral
republic of nigeria, I presently resides in the United Kingdom with my four children.
My husband and I have decided to contact you to assist in transfareing some money of ours which my
husband made when he was the communication minister in the past military administration. Being the
the present senate president, the government and the press are looking for a way to accuse him of
corrupt practices and if they get to this fund, the government will confisticate it and have my
impeached, so in this respect, am writing to you to allow us have this money transfared to your
account and we will share at and agreed percentage because I will not allow all what my husband and
have worked for, for the past 28 years to be taken from us just like that.
This fund is quite large and because of the government and the political enemies of my husband I
strongly advice that you keep this transaction as confidential as you can until it is concluded.
I am convinced of your genuine desire to assit us.
All arrengment to have this fund transfared has been made and there is no danger invovled.
Please furnishe me with following information:
Your name:
Phone Number:
please get back to me as quickly as possible in this my private email yo so very much and God bless you.
Mrs Preye Michell D.Mark
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