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Saturday, July 07, 2007


From: Dr Ashok Hooli -

Hello my dear,
My name is Dr. Ashok Hooli, an Account Officer with the bank below and
I have a very sensitive and confidential transaction to do with you
National Bank For Agriculture And Rural development, (NABARD) in India.

I am requesting for your partnership in re-profiling funds, I shall
the details, but in summary. The funds are coming via National Bank For
Agriculture And Rural development, (NABARD) in India. My family is at
moment in San-Francisco, California in the USA and I have an ID to
this because I was living there until I got this appointment to work
the above bank and still go there as often as I wish.This is a
transaction and you shall be paid 30% as your"Management Fee".
If you are interested, please write back and provide me with your
confidential telephone and fax numbers, or do call me as soon as you
on this number +44 703 590 1325 as I am at the moment in London, UK for
another transaction and I will provide further details and instructions
soon as you give me a call.Please keep this matter confidential, as we
can't afford any problems or complications.

Finally, do note that this must be concluded within few weeks. Write
promptly via this confidential email address
for further information.
I shall provide you with all relevant documents that the success of
transaction requires and also send you a scanned copy of my India
International Passport as soon as we have discussed verbally.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Dr. Ashok Hooli