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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


From: robert gilbert -

Allied Irish Bank(GB)Bankcentre,Belmont Road, Uxbridge,Middlesex,UB8 1SA.London.
Hello My Dear!!
I discovered a dormant account in my office belonging to one of our client who does not exist anymore.As Group External Auditor with Allied Irish Bank(AIBGB),London,it will be my interest to transfer this fund worth £15.000,000 million pounds in an account offshore.Why I contacted you is due to the agreement he had with the bank during deposit,I've been denied total access to the money,the bank Manager told me precisely that the money was deposited in a suspense fixed account with a clause attached to it for onward transfer into a foreign account of which the bank will follow the agreement written and signed by both parties(the bank and my client)
I was advised to look for a foreign partner account where the money can be transferred before I can have access to it. If you can assist in getting the money transfered,contact me immediately.Remember this is absolutely confidential.Your contact phone numbers and name will be necessary for this effect.
Let me ask you, Can i invest in your country? Bear it in mind that 40% will be your share while 45% will be for me then 15% will be for expences.Regards and respect,Please contact me urgently through this email address:
N.B.Rememeber,this mail is sent to you personally and copied to no other person.
Dr. Robert GilbertGroup External AuditorAllied Irish Bank,London.
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