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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Re is about interest and profits

From: david craig -

Dear friend ,
am really sorry for my approch without a propare notice
which is not official., this is due to long pressing issues .over a while now.
Late William Crother was my client in the bank where I work, am his account officer .it was when I discovered after a serious search that I now found out he has been dead for years infect since he left my office for Mexico city, after his last deposited check of six million usd .

All this while I have kept it secret which is still a secret until now that i had to contact in person about this transaction, the money that Williams deposited with us, One hundred and ten million usd in total .since then the account is still dormant including his monthly interest.
I want you to stand as beneficiaries to this claims befor the Bank., I will work out all documentation and give to you through a very successful attorney who will handle this case for us , I Do not want you to worry about how much it will cost you to get an attorney I will provide one in your favour am ready to finance his services process from my end through you during this transaction until the funds are in your Acct.
All I need you to do is provide your full names and address, date and place of birth, contact addresses and a confidential Telephone and fax numbers.
To enable us have a good understanding and to file for claims with your information which you will provide.
Upon your reply to my urgent email we discus further.

pls do reply only to my private email:

David Craig.
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