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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

please i need your advice and assistence

From: bala carimu -

Dear Sir

Complement of the season,
I pray that this massage will reach you in the perfect peace of the almighty
Before I proceed, I would introduce my self to you so that you could know
who you are about to deal with, I am Bala Carimu, I arrived from Sudan
last night to the Accra INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. with my late mother two
Briefcase of money that is containing the sum of (6million Euro)each.
Sir i want you to instruct me on how i can transfer the funds to you in your

Please Sir, give me the perfect direction on how we can ship my funds from
Africa so that i can come and join your family and continue my education.
Please in respective of my security, I would like you to keep this
information secret until we had finish transferring my funds, please do not
by any mines review to any body here about me because I had that so much
people here are diverting little children funds all in the name of
rendering assistance to transfer it out.

I believe it can be transferred within short time, Sir my almost dream in
life is for me to complete my studies, please Dad, you will have to promise
that you will take good care of my money while i continue my education until
i finish. As soon as i hear from you, Rev Godwin Ashanti will contact you and let you what to do to achieve this feat.

please Dad, send me your direct address and personal details
So please get back to me with your ideal and advise so we can proceed
looking forward to hear from you soonest.

Best regards
Bala Carimu .

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