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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dear Well Wisher

From: evora dasylva -

Dear Well Wisher

I know this message MUST be too strange to you, but know that this is as a divine will of God. I am Mrs Evora Da Sylva, a former Customer's Service Manager with Community Bank in Abidjan, Republic of Cote D'Ivoire. I left Cote d' ivoire about two weeks ago for my new country of Abode after I received a big blessing from God Almighty through a fund that was abandoned in our bank by a late customer Mr Padaf Okuan an Indian citizen

During my time in active service I used my position in this bank to team up with one Mr Vandasmir sharraf, also Indian National to transfer the money left in our bank by our late customer Mr Padaf Okuan after I noticed that some Government officials in my country were planning to claim this money which they intend using to destabilize the region in their quest for political powers, thereby killing innocent citizens, knowing my present health condition he accepted to assist me in the transaction with help of an humanitarian lawyer after the successful conclusion of the transaction Mr Vandasmir sharraf arranged for me to relocate to his country for proper medical health as I'm suffering from breast cancer please take note.

I'm happy to tell you that the transfer was successfully done. But before I went into this endeavour with Mr Vandasmir sharraf, I first prayed to God with the help of a true man of God who told me that I shall bless someone with part of my own share of the money at the successful completion of this endeavour, which God has done for me.

To God be the glory you are the first person i got through my search in the internet. Please don't just see it as a luck but should consider it as the divine will of God with hope that you will help others once you receive this funds in your custody most especially the less privileged ones. Please contact my private attorney who assisted me immensely during the transfer process, he is the Principal Attorney of this Legal Chamber:


Telehone/Fax: +225-01-43-77-68
Barr: WILLSON JOHNSON (Principal Attorney)

Tell him you were asked by me (Mrs Evora Da Sylva) to contact him regarding the DONATION CHEQUE of (USD$1.500Million) tell him to send you the Cheque of the said sum of USD$1.500.000 (One Million Five Hundred thousand United States Dollars) in which I kept in a prime bank with him as the sole person to liaise the lucky person to the said funds before I left for The UK being my promised to dole out to any lucky individual who decides to come up for the free offer. You should contact him and instruct him on where to send you the cheque for the said amount stipulated please take note if you are contacting the lawyer make sure you forward this my mail to him just to make sure that you actually receive a mail from me on this aspect of this my FREE WILL DONATION. Please inform me as soon as you receive the cheque so that

I will thank God for a promised fulfilled.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Evora Da Sylva

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