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Friday, May 18, 2007

Save A Soul (breast cancer victims


Regards To You

Read Carefully With Cold Heart Of Guilt And Try To Save A Soul

To commence with,

My name is MOTHER THERESA MARTINS,and by GOD'S grace i am the

founder of the ALL WOMEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION.This is equally an NGO

(A NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION)That takes care of women with cancer and

try to see what we can do to save their lives.

Mother theresa is a Reverend sister of the catholic church.She is the founder of the women

breast cancer that was established in madrid spain were she served for 11 years as a

reverend sister,before she was transfered to africa.presently she has established a non

governmental organisation that is charged with the responsibility to help women that are

suffering from these deadly disease (breast cancer) in africa and beyond with the headquarter

in madrid, spain. She has taken it upon herself with the full assistance from GOD due to

persistence prayer. Wish to appeal for your assistance to save the lives of 12 cancer patient

that will be flown to the united kingdom for immediate medical attention next month may 14


Mother theresa does everything with the infinite mercy of GOD and all her efforts has

been progressive.

But at this point, she open heartedly solicit for your financial and moral support to save the

lives of these women.Mother theresafoundation needs all kind of assistance the masses can

render to her now to ensure the successful travelling and surgical operation of 12 women that

has to take place before the end of this month.

For more details please contact the foundation

Thank you and may the good GOD meet you at

the point of your need