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Monday, May 28, 2007

Dear Beloved

From: mary mary -

Dear Beloved

I am mother Mary Kone,I was born in Sierra-Leone but I am resident in Abidjan( COTED'IVOIRE) at present which will be probably my final resting place. I was born an orphan in 1955. I have no father or mother,and I have no relatives.I was blessed to have married a humble and kind man,Dr. Jonathan Kone.We both struggled and worked hard and the Almighty blessed us abundantly with riches.He was a dealer in gold and diamond.
I am now old and sick without a husband and children.This has made me unhappy.

I have not re-married due to the fact that I want to cherish my husband`s memory. For 2 years now I have been seriously sick.I am presently in hospital suffering from cancer and I had a stroke which has affected my speech.

The left side of my body is paralysed. The doctors say I have a few months to live.I can only move my right hand,and I am able to write a little with it and what I have written is been sent to you via e-mail by my private computer.

I have little time so I have committed it to spreading my wealth towards better health care for mankind because this will be what my husband wanted. There are several projects of which I don`t have time to execute at present so I have contacted you with the hope that you will carry out my instructions for the sake of God and humanity.

Closer to his call home, he made me aware of the deposit he made with a financial security company worth $15 million U.S.D In currency.I want you to take custody of the deposit,and use the money to build an orphanage in your country.

Giving to the poor and less privileged is what being a christian is about. All I need from you is your assurance that you will use this funds judiciously as stated in this message. my email is

Thanks and May you God bless you Abundantly.

Mrs Mary Kone
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