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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hi Buddy

From: Capt. Cochran Todd -


Hi Buddy,

How are you doing? I am in need of your assistance. I am Capt. Cochran Todd . I am on my second duty posting here, attached to the Engineering unit in Baghdad Iraq for the United States, we have about $8 Million dollars that we want to secure out of the country.

My comrades and I require an understanding partner out there who we can trust to actualize this aspiration. The money was discovered in bucks from oil proceeds here in Baghdad. We are moving it to a safe and secure destination inform of consignment through a financial institution in auspice with international express delivery courier services.

While we try not to loss guard, I will like to believe that once the founds get to you, we can find mutual trust, as you might rightly know I cannot in anyway leave my duty post for now. I here by make you an offer of 30% of the total bucks for your partnership. And you carefully secure the rest 70% for us. Your part of this deal is to find a safe and secure Bank Account in any country of your choice where the fund can be deposited as soon as the finance institution release it to you.

If you are interested I will furnish you with more details.

Awaiting your urgent response. This is our likelihood, our soldiers die like chickens day by day and not all can be tell on BBC OR CNN. Only the reward which we benefit from the Iraq war is what we discovered and we are not even sure of what will happen to us in the next minute.

Keep holding on buddy!

Capt. Cochran Todd