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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


From: Mr. Walid Mohammed -

My Dear One, May the blessings of almighty allah be with you, i am a muslim but my believe in life is that muslim or christain, we all serve the same god and all humans are created by the same god so we must love one another. i am ibn mohammed mohammed, i am 72 years old and i am a citizen of Dubai and i am living here in Dubai, i was born an orphan,i have no father or mother and i have no relatives. as a young orphan, i struggled and worked hard and almighty allah blessed me abundantly with his riches.I used to be a dealer in gold and diamonds, due to my illness my company was liquidated and sold 3 years back.i am now old and sick, but i am not a happy man as i have no wife and no children and for 4 years now i have been seriously sick.I am presently suffering from lung cancer and i have a heart attack which has affected my speech and my body is now paralysed. the doctors say i have about few months left to live. so i am sending you this mail with the help of my private
nurse,who is helping me through my illness. what i have written is been sent to you via email by my private nurse and i have little time so i have committed it to spreading my remaining wealth towards better health care for mankind and especially abandoned children.My contacting you is the wish of almighty allah, as i dont know you, but due to my condition and the instruction of almighty allah i have decided to contact you. in my mind almighty allah {swt} says that i must contact a total stranger to carryout this wish. this i have done and i am therfore contacting you with the hope that you will carryout my wish and the instruction of almighthy allah [swt} for the sake of humanity. I have one boxes with a storage/delivery company, and i want you to take custody of the box, inside it is twelve million dollars and i want you to use the money to build an orphanage in your will name it after me,mohammed orphanage home. you must follow my wish for it will gladen the
heart of almighty allah.if you are ready to do this for God"s sake and carryout my wish, then send me [1]your full names [2] your phone/fax number [3] and your residential address [4]company name. Note:please and with the help of my private nurse i will be in contact with you,may almighty allah bless you. i await your swift reply. Sincerely, Mr.Walid Mohammed

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