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Friday, January 05, 2007

Your donation makes a difference

From: S.O.S. Children s Villages -

You have a personal
invitation to join S.O.S. Children's Villages donation program.
Give the
Gift of Hope - Make a Donation to Help Orphaned Children!
there are over 143 million children orphaned worldwide. S.O.S. Children's
Villages is working hard to provide homes for these children, protecting
them from abuse and exploitation, and giving them a place to call
Help us to help children in need. Any contribution
you are able to make helps make a difference in the lives of children,
giving them a new, loving home, a proper education, and health-care
- in short, giving them the chances in life they deserve.
S.O.S. Children's Villages' work is built upon the
generosity of our donors all over the world and all contributions,
large or small, regular or occasional, go towards helping us make
a difference to children's lives. What better way to secure the
future of our world than supporting the world's children?

Our online donation form is a fast, convenient and
secure way for your online donation. When making your online donation,
you can either specify a continent where you would like your contribution
to go, one of our featured projects, or decide to help where you
money is needed most.

Thank you for wanting to contribute to give children a new home
and a family.


S.O.S. Children's Villages International.

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