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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


From: Rev. Jim Acebedo -

Target House,257-263 High Street,
London Colney,St.Albans,Herts,AL2 1HA.

Dear beloved,

We have never met before, but it's with great anticipation of your
understanding that I'm writing you and I hope you will be in good faith to
give a deep consideration to my proposal below.

I'm Rev. Chaplain Jim. P. Acebedo,i am the CEO of Share Programs
International, Inc. USA,i have been in London for evangelism programmes
which will run for quite a long time.

In the course of my evangelism programme i have received quite a number of
financial blessings from various men and woman here in London,i have also
come in contact with people here who have the desire to give financially to
churches and christian organization but they do not want to give to the
wrong persons or organizations,they have therefore requested that i help
them in the search for churches,christian organizations,genuine christian
men and women outside London that are willing to receive this financial
assistance and use it judiciously.

I have discussed with the givers of this funds and they have made up their
mind to move this fund out of their country to any prospective receiver,it
is in this vain that I'm putting up this proposal to you to go into a
partnership with me to move this fund out of London as i need a foreign
partner outside London base to do this.

Further negotiation and terms of transaction will continue only after you
let me know via a return mail informing me of your interest to receive this

Please be kind enough to inform me also if you are not interested, so that I
can contact other interested people.

I'm at liberty to go into an extensive and trust worthy discussion/
negotiation with you in the event that you furnish me with the following :

Your Full Names, Address, Profession, your telephone/fax numbers in your
return mail.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to a positive response from you.

God bless you,
Rev. Chaplain Jim. P. Acebedo.

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