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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


From: christ ovie -


May the almighty god be upon you and your house hold (amen), I am tony sazu , 21 years old boy hail from (khatoum) sudan. But i reside in Accra Ghana as a refugee for the past 4 years now .

It take me a great pains and pity to write you thiss mail, because i know all my life is upon almighty god (jehovah)i lost my families during the sudan war and survive with two of my younger sisters, later i lost one of then,when we managed to escape from (Niamey) Niger Republic with bullet wound.

During our staying in ovagadougou(burkina_faso) my other sister that left with me were beating badly and rape to death in my present which i manage to escape to accra ghana during the war my late fatherlegal adviser told me that my late father deposited some funds for me to care for my younger sister and invest the money in a foriegn country which worth about 25million u.s. dollars with a box of consignment gold in a security company here in Ghana which promply make me to escape away from (khartoum) sudan.

Mostly i thanks almigthy God (Jehovah) for given me life up till this time and generals thanks goes to the Government of Ghana for keeping million of refugees in the camp .given us foods ,clothes, medication and education as the same time.Although their economics status is very poor among the Africa countries.

Well, without wasting time i were told that i could be help by friend who happen to with me before. In the refugee camp, but later travel to Canada with help of God sent man who happen to like him as a son and act to be the rightful beneficiary when all consgnment were transfer to him in Canada.

likewise thesame condition, I pray to almigthy God to give me the chance of opportunity to me as a man or woman that i will call Daddy or Mummy again ,Please am really looking for a Godly person to my beneficiary to receive my funds in his /her country.and after receiving this funds, he or she will send me an invitation letter to join him there.

I with my late father legal adviser will grant him 50% of the funds during my out coming expendition.During this transaction, what is needed is your full contact information you have ,likes postal address, cell_number, driving liecence, international passport and national identity card, So that it will enable my late father legal adviser to process the necessary document needed.

Sir, hopefull to hear from you again.