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Friday, October 13, 2006

very important

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Calvary greetings

I am an Alumni, a preacher and owner of Kingsway International Christian Church (KICC Ministry in London with name Rev. Pastor Ronald Smith, and i will like to get advice from you. I believe the advice i need will be profitable to you. A few year's ago i was in Liberia where i had established a little congregation where i preached regularly, but the civil war escalated and the church was converted to a hospital of sought. On one faithfull day three Gambian Soldiers came to me and left one trunk box containing money with me and swore to come back for it.

When the war in Liberia intensified i deposited this box in a security vault in ivorycoast. I was escorted to ivorycoast, by the ECOMOG soldiers who felt the content of the trunk were documents and hospital materials and never cared to check the trunk. I was air lifted to England with other refugees then, i stayed in England and when i was getting frustrated i returned to Africa
only to find out that two of the three Soldiers died during the battle while the last was declared MIA(Missing In Action).

Now i have the fund, which the soldiers said was over Twenty Five Million US Dollars (US$25,000,000), but it lies in a security vault in a Security Company in ivorycoast. I was contacted in a letter dated 12th of September, 2005 by the security company asking me to confirm the receipt of the letter as a proof that i am still alive and still subscribed to their service.

I am interested in using a small fraction of this money, much less than one percent for a re-organization of the work of God, but i do not need the rest and do not want to have any direct dealing with it, but i need someone who will be able to use the fund better, maybe for charity or something universally profitable, i have thought of doing it myself but, my ministry is the apocalypse and I believe and preach the soon coming of the Lord which disapproves my indulgence and reliance on wordly money or wealth in anyform.

Also I do not have the money that has incured on the service and safe deposit of the company that holds the fund. I will be glad if you have any interest in the direction, managing or transmitting of the fund as you prefer in your capacity and understanding strictly for the work of God. Get back to me with your decision and idea through my private email

The Almighty God will forever bless you for your help towards His church and His children. Be blessed in the name of the Lord.



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