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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

from prince ahmed jamu

From - Prince Jamu

dear sir,

Am very sorry to contact you through this manner and i know the mail will come to you as a surprise please carefully, my name is prince ahmed jamu from sudan am the only son to my parent late alhaji musa jamu who was killed by the rebel in my country sudan, to cut the storie short am seeking for assistance from the united state who will stand as my new beneficiary to receive our funds which is right in New York City, USA.

the consignment content $11 million dollar and he was suppose to deliver to my late father business partner in New York, so when the diplomatic officer arrive america they try to locate my former beneficiary called Dr Stud Baker who leave in New York, City the telephone number my former beneficiary his using when the diplomat called the number strange person pick the call, that this is a wrong number that dr stud baker his no longer using this number again, so the company director inform my mother immediately about the situation. so my mother talk to the director not to deliver the consignment to anybody unless they hear from us so the company director instruct their diplomat over in New York to stop the delivering of the consignment.

the diplomat decide to keep the consignment box in their store annex in New York City for security reason whenever we re ready i should contact their head office in ghana for them to signal him to set for the delivering of my consignment we have pay every charges to the company before the consignment leave africa and the consignment have been in New York since August 2006.

if you really want to help me kindly get back to me on my telephone number 0023327 5215306 or email and give me more details about your family background. then i will send you every documentation that coverning my consignment to New York, for your to contact the diplomat, remember my consignment box have free from custom duties so i really want to trust you regarding this transaction because so many things happen on this earth so i dont want anthing like distrust or disappoint because this fund his our only hope to start a good investment in United State of America.

I wait for your reply.
Prince ahmed jamu