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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


From: DrKwame Alfred -

Attention: Beneficiary,

This is to notify you of new order on the release of your fund. Prior to this proceeding anomaly, we have been mandated by Payment Reconciliation Committee to ensure that all outstanding prospective beneficiaries confirm the receipt of their long awaited fund within the next 14 working days from date.

But in your own case we found some complicity in your payment file due to petition file by one Mr. Zain Rashid from United States of America,stating to be your attorney as you had handed him the ownership of your fund shortlisted amongst to be release to him. Therefore required us to transfer your initial approved fund into his designated account stated below:.

Bank of America
New York Branch
A/C: 0911667701
Swift Code: BA09
Beneficiary: Zain industries Ltd

It became pertinet that you are contacted as upon request for updated written Power of Attorney duly signed by you,the aforementioned attorney could not provide any,thus made us wiser to have you contacted as confirmation,to avoid fraudulent fund diversion,as well as to alert you if you have privy to this development.

Meanwhile, it had been approved for all beneficiaries shortlisted to benefit through this payment program, the sum of Ten million United States dollars only (US$$10M), as first installment payment in this Fourth quarter 2007 fiscal year payment,while the balance will be paid in the next fiscal year.

However,you are required to respond to this massage confirming if you have privy of this development,to enable this office ascertain and confirm the exact designated bank account to forward to the paying bankers.

Furthermore,feel free to forward your direct contact telephone and fax number as confirmation of this message.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Alfred Kwame

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