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Saturday, October 27, 2007


From: Mr Wong Shiuki -


I am Mr Wong Shi Ki, an Account Officerwith the bank below and I have a
very sensitive and confidential brief for you from International bank of
Taipei Taiwan.

I am requesting for your partnership in re-profiling funds I will give the
details, but in summary,the funds are coming via Bank Of Taipei Taiwan.

This is a legitimate transaction,You willbe paid 30% for your"Management
Fees".If you are interested,please write back and provide me with your
confidential telephone number,fax number,and I will provide further
details and instructions.

Please keep this confidential, as we can't afford more politicalproblems.

Finally, please note that this must be concluded within two weeks. Please
write back promptly via this confidential email
address{} for further information.

I look forward to it.

MrWong Shi Ki