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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Work With Me

From: joh kall -

Johnson H. Kalon.

09 BP: 432 Cotonou St-Michel


Republic of Benin


Here is to request you to receive and safe-keep my money for a short period
of time to enable me arrive in Europe and take back control.

I was the Director of Special Duties under ex-Presiden Charles Tayor in
Liberia. At present, I live in exile in a different West African country
following the problems that we have had recently.

As you may have heard, our administration handed over power to a new
government and went into exile en-masse following persuassion from African
leaders to ensure peace reigns in our country. Since then, I have been
living a low profile life in a border town in the Republic of Benin to avoid
political persecution and harassment from the new government.

Fortunately, I envisioned the problems would arise so, while we were leaving
government, I took the precautionary step to move out my personal money out
of Africa. This turned out to be a blessing for me because there has been
series of unfortunate events since we handed over power. Mr. Taylor, the
ex-president has himself been brought under severe personal difficulties and
is now in jail. For this reason, I have resolved not to handle my money
personally by myself to avoid exposure, controversy, persecution or seizure
of the funds. I am aware that there are problems associated with transfering
large funds as a result of the controls put in place by international money
transfer monitoring agencies to combat terrorism. But my funds are clean,
morally and legally acquired from my private trade in rubber and diamonds.
But my past involvement in government has made me to become a target for the
new government of our country.

I need you to receive my money because that is the only way I can take
personal control without exposing them to those who are persecuting me and
thereby losing the money.

The process through which you will receive the money is simple and easy but
I need your reply first before I give you the details. In fact, you will be
able to receive the money within 4 to 5 days from the day you reply.

For your assistance, I shall allow you to keep 25% of my money for yourself
which you can minus from my money once you take control of it and leave the
rest 75% for me in a separate account until I come to Europe and take
it(75%) back in December 2007.

To get the details, please send me:

#. Your telephone numbers (Office, Home, Mobile/Cell) to enable me call you
for voice communication as my partner.

Yours faithfully,

Johnson H. Kalon