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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


From: Fr Huberto DecenaOAR -

Dear Brethren,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is my pleasure to contact you after my satisfactory appraisal and acceptance of your proven track records.
My Name is Fr. Huberto Decena, OAR (Order of Augustinian Recollects) of the Vatican City priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. I am in search of a Godly fellow, who will assist me to extend the help I want to render to the poor and needy, due to the nature of faith, which I have sworn not to disobey as a priest and monk in the priesthood.

It pains me to discover that many people are suffering and dying of Hunger and starvation, whereas here in the priesthood, there is so much to eat and enjoy. Therefore, I have decided to help the poor and the needy through the pocket of the priesthood, without the knowledge of the Church.

I am the financial controller of this order. I want to use you as a means to extend this helping hand to the poor masses, by transferring the sum of $12,500,000 to your country, so that you can access the funds, as I direct, and use it for charity work to help the needy and poor.

I would have loved to do this myself, but due to the lifestyle of the priests, which forbids us from relating to the outside world, it becomes difficult for me. If really you are a GOD FEARING FIGURE WHO WILL NOT BETRAY THIS TRUST I AM ABOUT TO REPOSE ON YOU to carry out this assignment, please I would like you to assure me that every funds that enters your hand MUST be used mainly for this humanitarian purposes.

Please if you are really touched to carry out this assignment, kindly get back to me with your private telephone number, so that I will give you more details.

I await your response. Thank you and God bless you.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Fr. Huberto Decena, OAR

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