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Saturday, September 08, 2007

From the Desk of John Decker

From: jjohnndeckkerterraes -

From the Desk of John Decker
Federal Ministry of Finance
103 Water Carrington road,
Tel: 234-8055720888
Fax: 234-1-7744309



My name is John Decker, I work with the Ministry of Finance Nigeria , and I have seen that several times people tried to divert your funds into their own personal account I mean those you call your partner in Nigeria and London .

Now I write to you in respect of the amount which I have been able to send to you through the Federal Government Diplomat who has arrived in Europe, now I want you to know that the diplomat would deliver the funds which I have package as a diplomatic compensation to you and the amount in the consignment is $6,000.000.00 (Six Million Dollars Only).

To this end, I did not disclose the content to the diplomat that the box contain money but I told him that it is your compensation from the Government House here in Nigeria and from our affiliate in London, I want you to know that this funds would help your financial status as I have seen in record in London and here in Nigeria that you have spent a lot trying to receive this funds. I am not demanding so much from you but Just 20% of the funds and after this I shall proceed in helping you to collect the total amount.

I want you to give me a call immediately you receive this Email message so that I can give you the contact information of the diplomat who has arrived in Europe for the past two days and have been waiting to get your information so that he can proceed with the delivery to your doorstep.

Yours Sincerely,

John Decker
Federal Ministry of Finance.
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