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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Contact security company now for your funds

From: officesfile -

Hello Friend,

It has been long we communicate last, I am so sorry for the delay, I
want to Inform you that your cheque of $950,000,00.) Which my boss asked me
to mail to you as soon as you requested it, is still with me.

But due to some minure issue you fails to respond at the Approprete
time, and presently the cheque is with me here in BENIN REPUBLIC.
Though i had a new contact from a friend of mine who works with one
security company here in BENIN REPUBLIC that will deliver you your cheque
at your door step with a cheeper rate, which the company said that it will
cost you the sum of $95, so you have to Contact them and register with them

what you will Contact them with is your PHONE, and Address to Avoid
wrong Delivery, You should also tell the Company to give you the
Information and how you will send them the Delivery fee $95 Immediately you
Contact them before the cheque $950,000,00. will be delivered to your Door
Below is their email address:


Contact delivery person name is ( Dr Rev Sanni IBRAHIM Director)

Direct Cell+229-93-91-54-79

Fax +229-93-777-37-53.

Please do get back to me as soon as you have contacted the security
company so that i can be able to submit your cheque to them immediately.

Thank you.
Mr Atiku Usman