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Thursday, September 06, 2007


From: Douglas Koffi -

Dear Friend,I have been waiting for you to come down and pick your Bank Draft but did not hear from you, so I went and deposited the $950,000.00 with First Bank Cotonou,Benin Republic.I have arranged with the First Bank to make payment to you through their trusted ATM MASTER CARD Electronic Payment System for easy withdrawal of your total Fund. You can withdraw cash in any ATM MACHINE around you and contact First Bank Cotonou, Benin Republic with full contact informations such as... 1 YOUR FULL NAME:2 ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT THEM TO SEND THE ATM MASTER CARD:3 CURRENT PHONE NUMBER:4 YOUR AGE AND OCCUPATION: Kindly contact the person in position to releaseyour ATM CARD name DR.MOORE WELTON DIRECTORATM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT First BANK Cotonou, Benin Republic. E-mail:(
We have cleared processing and delivery charges,the only Money that your are going to pay to them is $105 Dollars safe keeping fee.Try to contact them soonest to quicken receival of your card.NOTE THAT BECAUSE OF IMPOSTORS, WE HEREBY ISSUEDYOU the CODE OF CONDUCT, WHICH IS (ATM-0811B) SO make sure you INDICATE THIS CODE WHEN CONTACTING THE ATM CARD CENTER BY USING IT AS YOUR SUBJECT.Best Regards,MR.DOUGLAS KOFFI

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