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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


From: frank ogunu -

Dear Sir, How are you hope you are fine,Well i am frank Ogunu in Ghana i need your help that is why i have to contact you now. I am in position of $2.5 million dollar in a truck box when i was arrested by a police office today when i get to the station they were trying to now the contact of the box that i should open it but i told them that the box is not for me that it belong to a foreigner that he kept order my care.
Because I don't want to open the box so that they should know the contact that it is money for security reason then they now told me that I should take them to my family so that they can bail me but i told them that i am not a citizen of Ghana but from Zimbabwe when they see that i am not a citizen then i was release to go and look for $200 dollar before they can release the box for me.
That is why I am now contact you so that you can help me then after the box is been release for me you can now advice me on how i can send this money to you so that i can now come over to your country. If it is by western union money transfer, money gram, bank or any way you think then I have to do that so that i can live Africa pls try and help me because I don't want the police men to know the contact of the box please i want to live a new life in your country with you.I am urgent pls waiting to hear from youMay GOD bless you as you help me
From your son frank ogunu
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