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Friday, August 24, 2007


From: Wisdom Mark -




We wish to inform you that the Economic Community of West African State (Ecowas)Which has its head office in Lome-Togo has obtained a debt relief of US$40 Billion from the Paris Club of Creditors. The final Agreement on this facility was sealed on 9th of October, 2006. In compliance with the Terms of Agreement contained in the debt relief package, Ecowas has approved payment of all Foreign Debts owed by her Agencies without any further conditionality. Be happily informed that you have been short-listed as one of the beneficiaries to be paid from an initial sum of US$2 Billion earmarked for disbursement this third payment quarter.

Due to shortage of funds in our treasury, and also in a bid not to delay your payment, you will be paid directly through a Special Diplomatic Method. In view of this, we have arranged to pay you by cash through an International Diplomat who will deliver the payment to your house and also your funds has been packaged in two trunk boxes for immediate delivery. Note that for security reasons, the diplomat is not aware of the true content of the baggage. He is only aware that the baggage contains diplomatic materials, which should not be opened by the security officers at the Airport because they enjoy International Diplomatic Immunity. You will be given the Secret Code Number for unlocking the key to the baggage when the diplomat meets with you. This is to ensure transparency and safe delivery of the baggage and it's contents.

I hereby confirm to you that the diplomat will depart Lome-Togo to your country as soon as you are ready by re-confirming your personal contacts. As soon as he arrives your country , he will contact you so that you can direct him on how to locate your address to enable him deliver the baggage containing your payment to you. Re-confirm details of your receiving address not P.O.Box to us via email as soon as you receive this message and also the name of your nearest airport. This will put us in a position to confirm the correctness of your address to the diplomat as official protocol demands, when he arrives your country . The name of the International Diplomat is Optimist Mckoy.

Immediately you receive this message, get back to me through the above email to enable me attach to you the CCTV on how the money was been packaged from our strong room. I await your quick response.
God bless you and your family.

Yours in service.

Rev. wisdom mark.
Director, Diplomatic Cash Payment Unit.

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