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Sunday, August 12, 2007


From: tidiane ouongo -

I EXCUSE MYSELF THIS INTRUISON IN YOUR LIMPS ELECTRONIC I ask you to agree to accept my excuses. I name myself KOUASSI MAXIME, I life with ADZOPE in a locality located at 215 km of the town of Abidjan. I am the son of fire MR. KOUASSI A.GILBERT large grower and owner of grounds in the towns of ADZOPE and ALEPE.Je am his/her only son and its goods return to me full .je am currently titular VAT D and I am not yet register in a faculty with the université.la reason in is that I do not have enough of under registering me. I would like consequently to sell some grounds to be able to register me at the university of ABIDJAN or if possible to continue my studies in europe.les grounds which I puts on sale are grounds of 1000m ² and of 1600m ² .je make this advertisement so that those which wish to have grounds can of detients the certificates of property. I have also a room located in the commune of yopougon which measures close to 850m ² that I make to 15 and ground
CFA million frank of 1000m ² and of 1600m ² I do them with 20millions and 27 million with certificates of property (cpf). HERE MY CONTACT:

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