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Monday, August 27, 2007

i need your sincerityplease advice

From: kofi appiah -

From:Mr.Kofi Appiah.

Dear Friend,

I am Mr Kofi Appiah, a bank manager with International Commercial Bank here in Ghana West Africa. I believe that you will be capable and trustworthy to handle this transaction after getting your contact information. Also I hope we can assist each other as we progress in this transaction.

I have packaged a financial transaction that will benefit both of us. On the course of the 2006 end of the year's report, I discovered that my branch in which I am the manager made Six Million Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars (6,750.000.00 Dollars) of which my head Office is not aware of and will never be aware of. I have since then PLACED this fund on a SUSPENSE ACCOUNT without a beneficiary.

As a Manager in the bank, I cannot be directly connected to this money thus I am compelled to request for your assistance to receive this money into your bank account. I intend to part with 40% of this fund to you as gratification while 60% shall be for me but I need your own opinion on this. If you accept my offer you can contact me on my private mobile number +233246170524 for more details.

NOTE:There are practically no risk involve in this transaction. It will be a bank-to-bank transfer and I have mapped out plans of executing this transaction with full co-operation of our database administrator (he is the only person aware of the money because there is no way we can do the transaction without him) who will provide enough information into our bank's database to give the transaction the needed history/legitimacy as well as identifying you as the depositor of the funds, if you accept to go along with me.

All I need from you is to stand as the original depositor of this fund and provide an account where this money will be transferred into by our head office, if you accept this offer, I will appreciate your timely response as soon as you receive this mail.

With Regards,
Mr.Kofi Appiah.

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