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Saturday, August 18, 2007


From: ballawa barister Mozarck balla -

Dear Colleague,

On a very happy note and bearing in mind the staunch commitment that
you had put into the quest to see that the fund was transferred to you
for claim as we had arranged but to no avail, I write to inform you that
at last, the fund transfer had been a SUCCESS.

Since all our effort in conjunction with yours were met with various
failures and disappointments after the other, there was an influential
party from Britain that was approached on our behalf by a Finance &
Management Supports Initiatives(a consulting firm); and with her(influential
party) imputes, the Fund was paid out and I have collected my own

Presently, I am in Ecuador where, in partnership with a core investor
in the Mining Sector of their economy, we are investing in the industry.
But, I am not oblivious of the fact that you did your best in that
context, although, it seem that element of doubt crept in. You were not to
blame, as there were many circumstances that would reflect such
scepticism to any reasonable being.

For your sincere but unfruitful sacrifices, I pressurized the
influential woman to concede some amount as COMPENSATION to you, for
the resource that you imp lunged even the time and inconveniences. The
sum of $US 2,000,000.00 was what she agreed to as your compensation
value, and the sum was made in draft but, because of my appointment in
Ecuador and too, I could not get through to you since your number at any
time indicated "not in use", I then handed it over to the Secretary
of the Finance & Management Supports Initiatives, the consulting firm.

His name is MR GEFF DAVID and his email:

The Secretary is very much informed by me about you and I instructed
him to hand over the Draft you as soon as you contact him. I gave him the
CODE 555, which you have to mention for identification.
Note that at times I will be in the site and the Internet does not work
there. Only when I am in the city.

Do not for get to send to him your informations where he will send your
bank draft.

Yours Sincerely,
Ballawa Esq

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