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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this mailrefYour funds investigation

From: Edward Smith -

TEL 234-805-295-5717
From The Desk of: Senator Edward Smith
Attention: Sir/Madam,


Based on the finding in this investigation department we wish to warn
you against some touts.

We have been informed that some touts are contacting you in respect to
the collection of your fund that was long approved in your favor through one of the Nigerian international banks.

As a matter of fact we have been on these investigation assignments for some time codely known to no one other than the Presidency and some top government officials who are in support of this investigation team to help stop fraudulent activities in this country.

Although we have been able to come up with some good result about the
People that have extorted money from you illegally and I wish to tell you that you should stop sending money to all these people parading themselves as what they are not.

A lot of people have been traced through investigation to your inability to receive your fund in time, and we are already on their trail to track them down for their dubious character who had put the name of this great country in a mud in the eye of international community.

We are waiting for you to write back to us if truly these scammers have swindled you.

And note the only office/payee bank that had been exclusively authorized to contact you or to make payment to you will be given to you as soon as you respond to this mail.

You are advised to stop dealing with all these people, as they will not help you in anyway to the success of this transaction.

The contact of the bank where your money is deposited will be given to you and you will be making a direct contact with the bank so that you could receive your fund as soon as you respond to this mail.

We apologies on behalf of the President and the people of Nigeria for any delay and lost this must have caused you and we promise that this will not happen again.

Finally, we are expecting to hear from you today. But mind you, you are strongly warned not to contact these dubious people again.

You are required to give your full names and your contact functional phone number as you are responding this mail for swift response to you.

Thanks for your good understanding while we wait for your urgent response.

Reply to me through this mail,

Senator Edward Smith
(Head of Foreign Payment Investigation department)
This e-mail has been sent via JARING webmail at