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Friday, July 20, 2007

Dear SirMa

From: frank peter -

Dear Sir/Ma,

Compliment of the day to you and your family,hope all is well with you.

Dear you've got to assist me in recieving worth amount of money from my
international client who's paying some amount of money to me through credit
card. but the fact is that i don't have credit card, we don't use it here. And
i want you to recieve the money for me through your credit card and send it to
me through western union or money gram.

The reason is that my client is on water which he has no access to western
union or money gram in transfering the fund, the only option he has left is
through credit card and the transfer has to be made with immediate effect
because the money is for ongoing project which is about to stop without this

Please dear, you have to help me out as am going to reword you for that by
paying ten percent of the money (10 %). Note that i can't afford more
than this
because the money meant for something which we must not delay anymore.

Here are required information you will provide for the trasfer to be made
through you.

Name on credit card.:
credit card number.:
Your address.:
Phone Number.:
Credit card limit's.:
Name of the Bank issuer.:
Bank address and Phone number:

Please do help me out as God will help you too. I will be looking forward to
your response.
Your Faithfully
Frank Peter (Mr