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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Legal Notice FromLincoln Thompson Co

From: Lincoln Thompson -

Lincoln Thompson Co.
London WC2A 3LH


I work for LT Co., a U.K. law
firm that arranges asset management and storage of special valuables for
reputable clients.

We have information concerning of the availability
of a deposit box with a Vaults Storage Company which has been listed in your
name. A benefactor made you the beneficiary of the deposit box which
contains US15,000,000.00. The lease on the Safe deposit box has expired and
no further rental payments or claims have since been made since

Financial assets are considered unclaimed when contact with
an owner or beneficiary is lost for an extended period and the lease expired
without further rental payments or claims. This often happens due to a name
change after marriage or divorce, an unreported change of address or expired
postal forwarding order,incomplete, illegible records and result of computer
and clerical errors. When owners or thier heirs fail to claim an asset over
a specified number of years known as the dormancy period, those left holding
the money: banks, stock brokers, utilities, employers, life insurance
companies and others - transfer custody to a special trust account in a
process known as escheat.

The funds contained in the deposit box is
from asset owners whose property was confiscated between 1939 and 1945 by
the U.K. Custodian for Enemy Property pursuant to wartime Trading with the
Enemy legislation. Affected by seizures were companies and citizens of
"belligerent enemies" - countries who had declared war on the U.K. (Germany,
Hungary, Romania Bulgaria); as well as "technical enemies," occupied
nations like Czechoslovakia and Poland. In response to an admission that
documentation had been destroyed, the British government has established a
Payment Scheme to compensate victims or thier heirs.

We can provide
legal assistance and claims administration through the Treasury Solicitor,
Department of the Probate Registry for transfer of ownership of the safe
deposit box to you as the sole and legal beneficiary. After which we will
arrange the release of the safe deposit box to you.

More Information
will be provided concerning the deposit box when you get back to

Thank you and I remain

Lincoln Thompson
BT Co.
London WC2A 3LH
United Kingdom


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