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Friday, June 29, 2007

I await for your prompt replyAbout Mr Anthony

From: peters -


My name is Barrister Jacob Peters of Gabadaya Chambers Cotonou,Republic of Benin
and a personal Attorney to Mr Anthoney Effam a Beninoise Politician.

My client Mr Anthony Effam a Politician,served under Mr Mathieu Kerekou the
former President of Benin Republic who by election handed over power to
President Yayi Boni.

During Mr Anthony's acting Service under the past Government of President
Mathieu Kerekou,he acquired this money (US$ 7.2 million) and deposited it in a
bank here in Cotonou.

Now the Present Government of President Yayi Boni has accused and arrested all
key Politicians who Worked under the past president of Mr Mathieu Kerekou for
Siphonning Funds.

Mr Anthony Effam is now being detained for probing,with this,he confided in me
as his Lawyer to get a relaible foreign partner whom the fund can be transfer to
his account for safe keeping to avoid the present Government of Yayi Boni not to
locate the account for confiscation.

In the light of the above,im contacting you to know if you can provide an
account where the said fund can be transferred for safe keeping pending when he
is released from detaintion.

I have his conscent to discuss or negotiate with you for your share for keeping
the fund in your possession.

I would like to hear from you as soon as you receive this mail to know whether
you are willing to accept the transaction or not. Please keep this very

Your respponse will determine if i will further contact another person or not.

I await for your prompt reply


Barrister Jacob Peters