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Friday, June 01, 2007


From: Mr. Johnson John -

Dear Sir,

I am a financial consultant based in Abuja Nigeria. I have a client who is
a service Governor of a state here in Nigeria. She has a certain amount with
a Financial institution, the money was deposited to this name Kutubo Oil
Fields which she did not open the account with any of her information.

In the last April elections in Nigeria, she failed to pick the ticket for
the next governor of the state; as a result, she is being probed for misappropriation
of funds.

Right now she is having problems with Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
(EFCC). Because of that all her account has been frozen and she is denied
access to any of her account. She needs to move out this money out of the
country before the EFCC finds out about the money.

She has given me power of attorney to look for a foreign reliable person
by all means that can stand and receive this money as his on her behalf.

I am going to prepare a genuine document that will back this funds as yours
which will be sent to the bank were the money is as soon as you have agreed
for the offer.

If you are willing and capable, contact me for more details with your reference.
Please contact me through Email:

Yours faithfully,