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Sunday, June 24, 2007


From: Henry Rhodes -

Good day and how are you doing?My name is Dr.Henry Rhodes.I live in London
United Kingdom,I am 51 years old and married with three children, four cats,
and one dog.
I am the Director of Silver Global Security& Finance
Services Limited,London (United Kingdom)

I got your information from Internet and after due consideration, I decided
to contact you believing that you will not disappoint me over this
transaction. I have been working with this company for over sixteen years.
Within this period,
I have watched with meticulous precision how African
Heads of State and Government functionaries have been
using Silver Global Security & Finance Ltd to be
moving magnitudes of funds (USD, Pounds Sterling, And
French Francs) (cash) to their foreign partners.

They bring in these consignments of cash and secretly
declared the contents as jewelries, gold, diamonds,
precious stones, and family treasures, and documents
etc. Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire (dead), Gen. Sanni
Abacha of Nigeria (dead), Fode Sankoy of Sierra Leone,
Savimbi late President of Angola, Felix Houphet
Boigny of Cote d"Ivoire (dead) Charles Taylor, Former
President of Liberia, please visit
Konan Bedie of Cote d"Ivoire (Abidjan) etc. All these
people have consignments deposited in our office.
Their foreign partners, friends and relatives are
claiming most of these consignments.

A lot of them are lying here unclaimed for more than two years.
Nobody will ever come for them because in most cases,
the Certificate of Deposit is never available to
anybody except the depositors or me since most of them
are dead.

I have through the instrumentality of Global
Security & Finance re-deposited some unclaimed
overstayed consignment and get ready to move them
through diplomatic means to your country where it can be
claimed easily by you. Since the inception of the year
2006 our company's management has changed the
procedure of claiming of consignments, as soon as you
are able to produce the secret information as
contained in the secret file of any consignment, it
will be released to you upon demand.

I have finalized every arrangement to move consignment Ref-no:
SGSF/0016/2004/d4 Batch-no: 300047-0010-kht containing
$20.5 Million. Upon your response we will arrange on
how the diplomat will convey the consignment directly
to you, everything concern this deal is risk free; I
have taken necessary preventive measures. (The mode
sharing will be 60%-40%) all the documents that covers
the total funds will be handed over to you sealed by
the diplomat.

Best regards.
DR.Henry Rhodes.
Director SGSF Ltd,(United Kingdom)
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