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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hello how are you Pls get back at me

From: Karimi Joe -

Good day

I am sorry to disturb you with this mail that you might call an
unsolicited one but please find some time to just go tru it.I am Karimi Joseph an auditor in one of the banks in Ghana here married and with two lovely kids. As you know every one would every one is working to get something to keep going until he/she gets an opportunity which one will quickly grasp to and opportunities like that are the ones that lifts one from the level of What i call "struggling to survive" to the level of the elites. One of such opportunities that has has found its
way to me which makes me to get across to you for some help.

In the curse of doing our quarterly audits in 2006 I got across this amount of money that has been without beneficiary which i would love to transfer abroad into an account.
In other to make it 100% risk free i have carefully placed the money into an escrow call account and i am just seeking for a foreign account to get the money transferred to the account might be newly opened or might have been existing for some time.The amount is small but can change our lives for the best forever it is $1.98million pls get back at me so that we can discuss on your own percentage latter but i would appreciate it a great deal if you can quickly get back at me so that we can commence on how we can make the transfer. Once we start the transaction will be completed withing 6 working days.


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