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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


From: shai hamzar -

My Dear Friend,

My name is Shai Hamzar , I was a steward to my former Haed of State Saddam Hussein the former President of Iraq who hanked last year by law for bieng terrorist for distroing american proparties,
May i at this juncture to open up the vital point of this mail for you, please this is private and confidential and due to the fact that my trust and confident vasted in you that should not be betrayed.
Now i am very far away from my country due to our tenure has beeng resolve since i had oppotunity to move out some money worth $11.7US,Eleve million Seven hundreed thusand American dollars. the fund kept in a small room near the toilet room in underground, and this fund was moveing out very sucssesfuly by me and nobody alse is involve except me.
I succided to moved out the sum of US11.7.m(eleven million sevev hundreed thusand) United State dollar) but this does not related with any body except me,i moved the Fund very succesfully and transfered it immediate to a financial institution out side my city, i did that for security and condfidntial purposes it is my good to ensure the safety of the Fund.

Now i am facing new difficulties regarding taxes. that why i sick for your attention to stand with me as international assitance to back me up so the fund can be released on your name as a beneficialy,but now i unable to release the Fund that is why i am extending these imformation to you,to be assitance in this avenue for releasing this fund to you, when this fund will release to you in your City i will need you to start an arreangment to open my private account in your city for safety of my share.

Please note that the ratio of this total Fund will Share 30% for you then 70% for me, you have to sent to me your contact detail for easy communication i believe we can finish-up this befor a week after i recieve your favourable response.
Thanks for your co-operation.

Regard`s,Shai Hamzar.

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