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Saturday, January 06, 2007


From: m walker -

FROM: Mr.Marvin Walker

My Good friend,

I know you will definitely take this as a deceptive e mail, because of theswindle news we hear everyday and now it happens am from Russia where itseems to happen more often.Let me first of all inform you, i got youre.mail id from a mail directory and decided to e.mail you for apermissionto go ahead for you have to agree with me that that is the easiest way tocommunicate with you for i don't have any of your contacts.

I am Mr. Marvin Walker a personal treasurer to Mikhail Khodorkovsky theRichest man in Russia and owner of the following companies: Chairman CEO:YUKOS OIL (Russian Largest Oil Company) Chairman CEO:Menatep SBP Bank (Awell reputable financial institution with it’s Branches all over theworld)


I have a profiling amount in an excess of US$100.5M, which I seek yourPartnership in acommodating for me. You will be rewarded with 60% of Thetotal sum for your partnership. Can you be my partner on this?


As a personal consultant to him, authority Was handed over to me intransfer of money of an American oil merchant For his last oil deal withmy boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Already the funds have left the shore of Russia to an European private Bank where the final crediting is expectedto be carried out.While I was on the process, My Boss got arrested forhis Involvement in politics by financing the leading and opposingpolitical parties (the Union of Right Forces,Led by Boris Nemtsov, andYabloko, a liberal/social democratic party Led by Gregor Yavlinsky) whichposes treat to President Vladimir Putin Second Tenure as Russianpresident.

You can catch more of the story on This website:


All I need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of the Above quotedSum and I will re-profile the funds with your name, which will enable TheEuropean bank transfer the sum to you. I have decided to use this Sum torelocate to American continent and never to be connected to any Of Mikhail Khodorkovsky conglomerates. The transaction has to be concludedin 2 weeks before Mikhail Khodorkovsky is out on bail. As soon as Iconfirm your readiness to conclude the transaction with me, I Willprovide you with the details.Thank you very much for your understandingas i will await for your quick response.

Warmest Regards
Marvin Walker.(Mr)

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