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Monday, October 16, 2006

hello...Dear in Christ...hello

From: pastor christ -

Dear in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord jesus Christ.I am Mr pastor CHRIS , Rtd Strike Force Commander during President Charles Taylor's regime. I'm married to a lovely wife and three children, we all worship in Redeemed Christian Ministries and now reside in London/ Nigeria. I know you are surprised to receive my mail but remember the Bible says that the blessings of God comes supernaturally and it is through Divine favour. After I received instruction from God to use this funds to do His work, I prayed to God for direction and he has been directing me. I told God that i want a ministry, an honest man who will spend the fund for things that will glorify His name.I took interest in your ministry,fasted and prayed over it and the spirit of God directed me to sow in your ministry.

This revelation came after my conversion from a Muslim to a Christian. I received Christ and i found out that a sinner has no place in the kingdom of God. I never had rest of mind, i seeked God for forgiveness and he revealed to me that i will only have rest of mind if i serve him with all my wealth and he will bless me mightily. It was when i received Christ that i realized the meaning of going to heaven. I need to make heaven, I don’t want to perish in hell fire.As my level of Christianity was increasing, i understood that the wealth of sinners are acquired for the just. God opened my eyes to the book of Ecclesiastes 6,verses 1 & 2. Read this scripture and you will understand that there are people in this world that God gave the grace to acquire wealth yet God did not give them the grace to enjoy the wealth. I happened to fall into the same category now it is the wish of God. When God revealed to me to use my wealth to do his work, i understood that God was testing me like He tested Abraham and other men of God. Abraham needed a child and God asked him to use his only son for sacrifice, Abraham was faithful. he obeyed and God made him father of many nations.

I have decided to sow 70% out of the total sum into your ministry, the remaining 30% i will invest into any Christian related business in your country. This fund, ($3.5 million us) is in a security company in London. This security company, helps in the shipment of valuable goods out of the country through a Diplomatic means, hereby delivering funds packaged in Consignment and delivered to the recipient. I would have used a wire transfer but due to a memo set by the finance minister to the central bank of Liberia to forward all foreign payment file to his office for vetting, this you will agree with me will not favour us that was why i chose to use this diplomatic, process to send this funds out of the country in order to avoid unnecessary questions or raising of eye brows either from my Govt or from your own Government.

Beloved, I will need you to immediately send me the particulars i will request from you. Your full name, your full address, your telephone and fax numbers so that i will start up all the necessary process on how the funds will get to you. I will like you to call me on this number as soon as possible.I will await to hear from to me via

Remain blessed.

Bro. pastor CHRIS