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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


From - Jane Larry (

Dear Aileen,
Read this message carefully because is for your own good and benefit.
I am Mr. Edward Crownsfield of the ICPC and EFCC Commision of UK with branch in Nigeria, and my main aim of writting you this mail is to imform you of a case we found out about you. Your email was gotten from the scamming Blacklist after we traced a scammer who was communicating with you on an issue of about you winning a Internet Lottery and all other complainning you stated in the blacklist that you was rubed of USD$1,250 by a scammer that was traced and found out that he is from Nigeria where Internet scamming originated from and now become the source of life for the young ones in the Nation. I am using this opportunity to let you know that the scammer has been traced to his location in Nigeria and our commision branch in Nigeria has been informed of this case and they have had it handled and promise to get the person arrested in due time, but they are having him washed to wherever he goes for now and in due time he will be arrested by we the ICPC and the EFCC
commision of Nigeria. Unlike the first scammer we arrested he scammed an American of USD$1,500,000.00(One Million and Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) and after his arrest he made a coffession and reveal all about the story and why they do go into scamming, which is now in our custody for revealing to who ever any scammer has scammed of their money.
Please for further viewing of our mission to arrest victims at where they do browse, please click the below link:-
We want to let all scamming victims to know that we are doing everything possible to make sure our country name is kept clean, put a stop to scamming and as well place a way of scamming victims money been returned to them appropriately and completly and also make sure the Internet remains a better place for legal business between businessmen and a rightfull place of communication between love ones.
But this mail is to inform you that the scammer that scammed you has been booked for arrest because our spy that we do send through the EFCC of Nigeria to spy on scammers at where they do browse found out informations about the scammer that scammed you of your money, he has eventually scammed 3 pupils including you which ransom him up to USD$120,000.00. Your funds which is USD$4,500 and the other two vitims who we have also contacted for money refunds he scammed of USD$85,000.00 and the other of USD$33,750.00. Since we have decleared your money will be send to you as soon as possible after you meet our requirement and done with the signning of fund recovered Documents. We have found all documentation available about you and him and how he collected your money. So we hereby use this opportunity to let you know that your money will be available to you in the next Seven days after he has been arrested in four days time this will also be after you have signed the fund
recovered agreement with us the ICPC of the UK and then we give the EFCC of Nigeria our Nigeria branch to go ahead and arrest the scammer since he has been traced by our team to where he lives and where he browse the Internet and also where he goes to have fun. We will send this document to you via Fax or email attachment and when you have had it signed and returned to us, in this case you will also provide to us a way your money can be transfered to you as stated.
Please understand that our aim is to keep Scamming out from the Internet and the EFCC of Nigeria is working to safeguard the name of their Great Nation and its citizens safe and out of corruption.

I do hope to have made you clear on our mission.
We await your prompt response to this mail for immediate correspondence.
Thanks for your working with us in this endeavour.
Yours Sincerely,
Chairman and President.

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